Human Asset Management

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Human Asset Management covers the following concepts: 

  1. Competency profiling - function and level administration, coordination of ranking, tasking and outcome.
  2. Development Planning - competencies coordination, meeting strategic objectives.
  3. Talent Asset Management - retention activities, identification of future top performers and validation.
  4. Strategic Workforce Planning - career/succession planning, composing workforce, strategic planning, performance optimization/competitiveness.
  5. Performance Management - translating hard and soft overall targets into metric objectives that can be measured.
  6. Recruitment and on-boarding - selecting the right individuals with the right competencies and skill sets.

Asset Division

  • Corporate asset management
  • Human asset management
  • Business asset management

Business Division

  • Incorporation service
  • Business support service
  • Digital infrastructure service 

Supply Division

International Supply Service - Coming soon

National Supply Service - Coming soon

Local Supply Service - Coming soon