Human Asset Management

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Active Client Memberships: All Active memberships are welcome to submit requests, consideration will be placed on various factors for approval.

Premium Client Membership: Active Client Membership benefits including added in person consultation at any of our affiliate global offices.

Executive Client Membership: Active and Premium Client Membership benefits including full access to all global offices including in person consultations, government liaison services, project management, network assistance, digital infrastructure set up, corporate assistance, including various affiliate services.


Human Asset Management covers the following concepts: 

  1. Competency profiling - function and level administration, coordination of ranking, tasking and outcome.
  2. Development Planning - competencies coordination, meeting strategic objectives.
  3. Talent Asset Management - retention activities, identification of future top performers and validation.
  4. Strategic Workforce Planning - career/succession planning, composing workforce, strategic planning, performance optimization/competitiveness.
  5. Performance Management - translating hard and soft overall targets into metric objectives that can be measured.
  6. Recruitment and on-boarding - selecting the right individuals with the right competencies and skill sets.

Asset Division

  • Corporate asset management
  • Human asset management
  • Business asset management

Business Division

  • Incorporation service
  • Business support service
  • Digital infrastructure service 

Supply Division

International Supply Service - Coming soon

National Supply Service - Coming soon

Local Supply Service - Coming soon